Audio tools for Snow leopard

Hello Kineme!

I've been using your fabulous stuff for a while now. I've recently upgraded to Snow Leopard only to find that audio tools are not compatible. I keep getting big crashes when using the audio input patch. I'm building a big audio reactive piece that will end up as an animated sequence in a film.

Do you have an idea of when you are going to be updating the Audio tools? Wondering if I should jump into an animation package (which would be much less fun than doing it in QC I must say!) or if I should hold out for an update.

Please let me know.



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Re: Audio tools for Snow leopard

Please post a crash log --- IIRC there aren't any known issues with current AudioTools release running on Snow Leopard.

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Re: Audio tools for Snow leopard

Additionally, please provide sample compositions -- I ran through a bunch of test cases, and couldn't crash audio tools on 10.6 (not saying it's not possible, just saying it's impossible to address an issue that can't be made manifest)

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Re: Audio tools for Snow leopard


Thanks for your notes. Knowing that you've had no issues with the plugins was the key to solving the mystery for me. Being a bit new to QC I hadn't considered reviewing the console logs. I discovered that it was, weirdly enough, the SoftRaid driver causing the Kernel Panic. Kind of a strange interaction causing crashes whenever I used the Audio Plugins, but I updated the driver and everything is working perfectly.

Thanks again for your response. I'll make certain to look through the logs first next time before hassling you.