Dijonctor Patch

All of us have experienced Quartz composer crashes when designing patches (because of a bad feedback loop, or something that overkill the GPU) In this case the frame rate decrease to 0 FPS and it is impossible to stop the composition because nothing is responding....:(

If we have a "dijonctor patch" (perhaps a hack of the FPS patch) that can stop the composition( at root level ) when the frame rate is lower than a certain value (that the user can set) ex : 1 FPS..... it can save us a lot of time ...:)


cwright's picture

I run into this very often (along with a slow composition that prevents you from being able to double-click in the editor... also annoying).

A quick peek shows that QC uses QCViews for the viewer, so the only difficult part is picking the right one when the user has multiple viewers open.

Would make a nice addition to KinemeCore though, I think.

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You are right...About the multiple viewers open situation. As the dijonctor should be a patch (in a particular composition context) it can act just for this composition, with a "Run" or "Stop" priority.