Procedural 3D Mesh Creation

Would love the ability to dynamically create 3d objects

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How would you recommend accomplishing that in QC?

We're planning a parametric surface generator for Kineme3D 1.2, which is somewhat like creating dynamic 3D objects, but not fully procedural perhaps.

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werkzeug style mesh generation?

I guess something like werkzeug would work?

You'd have a collection of mesh patches, like kineme texture. There would be a few base shape patches (cube, sphere etc.), a few selector patches (select within bounds etc.), and various processing patches (extrude, smooth, tesselate, etc.)

It'd be great for doing procedural-looking objects (spikeballs! and the like), but I don't know how useful it would be in general.

** edit: link would be useful.. **

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The "sculpt" example might

The "sculpt" example might be cool for people to check out?

A bunch of basic shapes (really basic fbx's?) might be cool if they appeared in the patch creator, along with with "sculpt" capability in an "auto lock" mode.

All the same, I think it becomes a slippery slope when you start doing things like trying to actually model with QC, because it isn't suited for it really. If you could save a Kineme3D object to an actual object it would be pretty choice.

I'm not personally clamoring for any of that though :o) I do like the idea of a low rent web cam to kineme3D plane, with appropriate deformations... but that is really pie in the sky too.

Werkzeug! I think I brought that up with the kineme alpha 9 after using it for a bit, but also on the QC dev list when complaining about fps for something else.... oh yeah, with my stupid load buffer idea.... That is an impressive implementation.

As far as "at will" 3D objects in a "painting" type of thing, the groboto software is kind of cool, but a little toy like as well. I like that you can pick a "style" and then kind of "paint" with the object style, or pick rudimentary objects, place a couple on the viewer, and then have the program "bridge the gap" between the two objects in a stylized way.

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Here it is :o) Chris

Here it is :o)

Chris suggested this setup when I was asking about this when kineme3D was still in the alpha. I added the little timer setup and typography crap... so that the plane will "lock" into form after a bit. When it says "hold on" it is in locked mode... when it says "sculpt" drag your trackpad over the kineme3D plane while clicking. Whatever shape it was in when it "locks" will be held.

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