Official-API Subpatch Support

This Official-API plugin unlocks Subpatch support for Official-API Quartz Composer Plugins. To use this in your Official-API plugins, simply add a +(BOOL)allowsSubpatches method that returns YES to allow subpatches in your patch.

To execute these subpatches, you'll need to use [[self patch] executeSubpatches:(double)time arguments:(NSDictionary*)args] in your execute method.

Have a lot of fun :)

I expect Apple to include this functionality in a future release of QC, so Please only use this if you know what you're doing.

[NOTE: If you're a regular, This PlugIn goes in the official PlugIns directory, not the Patches directory like all our other plugins — It's our first public official-API plugin! :)]

KinemeAllowOfficialSubpatches-0.1.zip9.42 KB

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More Information

Here's an example project that'll demonstrate official-api macro patches. You'll need an output port connected to a consumer to get it executing.

Also, you'll be able to save, but loading won't work (QC assumes all plugins are non-macro patches, and the official plugin doesn't get there in time to change it's mind). This is probably fixable with an unofficial-api plugin (these are loaded before the official-api ones), so let me know if you're interested in such a plugin.

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That unofficial plugin would sure be nice ;-)

Or we could do it via SIMBL, but that is ALL SORTS of devilish hackery...

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already done :)

I've just completed that plugin actually (it's not published here yet, awaiting some feedback etc). mail me (i'm available at the e-mail address at the bottom of each page), and you can give it a spin too :)

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A great application of custom macro patch is remaking "Render to Image," which uses a QCRenderer in its own openglcontext to render subpatches. If you make your own, you'd be able to specify your own openglpixelformat; and thus gain access to multisampling or supersampling within Quartz Composer, which would be a vast improvement. I have a great deal of code for this sort of thing already written; I'm just waiting on working access to subpatch capabilities...

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jump ship

You could also jump into the unofficial api (what we develop against); that gives you access to subpatches (among other things).

I love your idea for this, BTW. If you don't get around to implementing it, would you mind if I took a swing at it? (probably not any time soon, but I feel like this is the best solution to the AA problem that's been suggested; way better than my init-time hacks I was considering a month or two ago.)

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Unofficial API in non-Quartz Composer

How well do your plugins work in other QC contexts? I'm trying to use QC to provide a visual window switcher with Witch-like functionality, so I need whatever plugins I use to be active in non-Quartz Composer applications.

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quite well

We've had our plugins work in a variety of different contexts successfully.

Final Cut Pro, Motion, VDMX, Keynote, JustAddMusic, and Image Flow, just to name a few.

Some environments complain about safe-mode. We're able to work around this too, but we usually do it on a case-by-case basis (since there are some risks that need to be considered). If they fail to load, you'll get some messages in the Console ( to help track down which ones you'd like for us to look at.

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Fantastic! I'll get right to work as soon as I get to my dev machine!

EDIT: uhoh. Where can I find documentation or a sample plugin with subpatches to rampantly steal code from?

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8 comments up :)

About 8 comments up. Search for " 15.07 KB" -- I made a sample official-api plugin that allows subpatches (and executes them). Not much help for the render-in-image stuff you want to do, but it's a start to get familiar with it.

Swizzling the context will be a bit trickier, and will probably require some more undocumented methods. We'll cross that bridge when you come to it though.