OpenCV Tools

Release: CVTools, v0.3

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.3
Release Notes

Changes since CVTools 0.2

  • Added support for garbage-collected execution environments (such as ScreenSaverEngine).
  • Enabled most patches to run in QC's Safe Mode.

Release: CVTools, v0.2

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.2
Release Notes
  • Added 64bit build, supporting QC4 on Snow Leopard.
  • Cleaned up patch names and descriptions.
  • Fixed occasional crash when working with images not reduced to grayscale.
  • Fixed issues with lazy evaluation of some patches.
  • Removed a few broken patches (SubPix Adjuster, CV Camera, Image Splitter).
  • Some performance improvements.
  • Added sample compositions.

Please note that the plugin is now called CVTools.plugin (not OpenCV.plugin as in the previous beta release). Be sure to delete the old OpenCV.plugin.

Release: CVTools, v20080207

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080207
Release Notes

This is the initial beta release of our OpenCV Plugin.

There are some performance improvements over the previous Alpha, as well as some functionality improvements and bug fixes.

It's now possible to control how QC images are flipped when converting to OpenCV.

You can also add additional points to the optical flow patch without destroying its previous input. Currently, I do this with the Structure Maker patch (because it's already written), but if y'all think an OpenCV-Specific patch would be appropriate, I can make that too.

The OpenCV Camera input was disabled (It's impossibly slow on Intel macs, and it hangs on ppc macs). Placing such a patch in your composition will not do anything.

Added cvFindChessboardCorners -- this is a prerequisite for camera undistortion (unavailable currently), orientation (also unavailable), and perhaps POSIT stuff too (unavailable). If you're familiar with the OpenCV API, or know how to turn a collection of Chessboard Corners into a useful structure for other OpenCV functions, please let me know (I'm struggling a bit to figure out how it works.. the cv demos that use these function just produce garbage for me)

PPC may have some colorspace issues (blue/red tints), please let me know and supply examples so I can test better.

This is a 32-bit only plugin for now, so it won't work in 64-bit applications/runtimes.

Both provided demos require the GLTools plugin, and benefit from the YUV Colorspace plugin. The VideoTrack demo also requires the Structure Maker Plugin for live input. These dependencies are just because I was lazy and didn't feel like swapping everything out to QC-built-in stuff.

Face detection kind of works, but it's so slow you have to use swear words to describe it ;) It's also a bit wonky sometimes, even with identical input to the demos... still looking into that.