File Tools

File Tools

Release: FileTools, v1.0

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.0
Release Notes

Changes since FileTools 0.4

  • Added Open Panel, Save Panel, Path To URL, and URL To Path patches.
  • Added option to Text File Writer patch to append instead of overwriting.
  • Added option to Directory Scanner (Blocking) patch to include invisible files.
  • Added file type, creator, and kind to output structure of Directory Scanner (Blocking) patch.
  • Added input to Directory Scanner (Blocking) patch to filter by custom file type (UTI).
  • Made File Type patch's File Path input accept paths as well as URLs.
  • Modified Structure To File patch and Structure From File patch to preserve structure ordering.
  • Fixed exception when File Type patch's File Path input is empty.
  • Fixed memory leaks in Directory Scanner (Blocking) patch.
  • Fixed memory leaks in Image Downloader (Blocking) patch.
  • Fixed crash in Image Downloader (Blocking) patch when given a non-image URL.
  • Modified Image Downloader (Blocking) patch to only execute when its inputs change.
  • Released source code on GitHub.

Release: File Tools, v20100409

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20100409
Release Notes

Changes since FileTools 0.5beta-20091216

  • Added option to Text File Writer for appending to files instead of overwriting.
  • Fixed issue with File Type which prevented unix paths (as opposed to URIs) from working.
  • Fixed some major memory leaks with Image Downloader (Blocking)
  • Fixed various other minor memory leaks.

Release: File Tools, v0.5beta-20091216

Release Type: Beta
Version: 0.5beta-20091216
Release Notes

Changes since 0.4

  • Modified Structure To File and Structure From File to preserve structure ordering.

Release: File Tools, v0.4

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.4
Release Notes

This release of FileTools moves the Directory Scanner (Blocking) and Image Downloader (Blocking) patches to this plugin (so remove those plugins after installing this plugin).

It also features 10.6 compatibility in both 32 bit and 64 bit modes of operation. It still works in 10.5 as well.

Some minor performance improvements were made, a memory leak in the Directory Scanner was fixed, and a few String/File operations should now handle UTF8 better.

Release: File Tools, v0.3

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.3
Release Notes

This update to FileTools addresses some Composition-Relative-Addressing bugs, fixes some memory leaks, and fixes some race conditions in the QuickLook generator.