Kineme Video Tools with Firewire800 cameras

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I have a Unibrain Fire-i 785c camera. Using the bog-standard Video Input patch, this gives me a nice 1280x960 @ 15FPS image. However it is on autoexposure, and I would like to use the (shutter, gain, resolution) control I would get with the Kineme Video Tools patch.

The Kineme Video Tools patch only seems to give me the FW400 resolutions (1024x768 @ 15FPS, or 1280x960 @ 1.875FPS) . The screenshot attached to the release page (http://kineme.net/files/release/VideoTools.png) seems to suggest the patch does support FW800 resolutions for the PTGrey Flea2. Is that true? If so, I wonder if some tinkering with the Kineme Video Tools patch will enable FW800 modes on unibrain cameras...