GL Tools install with Kineme Plugin Assistant.'s picture

When I double-click on the downloaded file, Kineme Plugin Assistant fails to copy the file into the Patches folder.

It makes a zero K file in patches folder with the generic plugin icon (not the special K plugin icon) and then announces it has performed the installation.

Manual installation seems to be fine.

OS 10.5.8

3d Kamera

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I´m new to qc. I´m wondering if there is a thing like a 3d camera where I can adjust the position vecor and the lookat vector in an openGL scene. I´d like to experiment with stereo vision in qc and render 2 videos with slightly different cameras.



Release: GL Tools, v1.3

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.3
Release Notes

This build of GLTools fixes numerous bugs with Snow Leopard compatibility, and some PPC bugs on Leopard as well. Some minor performance improvements were made, as well as other minor bug fixes.

Some new private patches were added/modified -- they're still private, so please don't expect them to remain compatible/unchanged in the future.

Please be as clear as possible with bug reports (include sample compositions, descriptions, steps to reproduce, etc.) -- we're rather backlogged at the moment, so saving us a few minutes here and there helps a lot.