Audio Input Buffer Issues

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When using the Kineme Audio Input tool I have noticed that any audio playing on the computer starts to sound like there are major issues with the playback buffer, cutting in and out sort of randomly (sounds like white noise on top of the audio).

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Oh, and it's on an 8-core Mac Pro with plenty of RAM, so the machine itself isn't the issue.

I've got a Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882, and it is super low-latency... I do full duplex recording with it all the time and I don't run in to any issues doing similar things in Max/MSP.

Any thoughts?

Audio Tools

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I had the volume peaks output being read perfectly through some kind of structure sort, and I didn't save it....

And now I am scratching my head, because I can't remember how I was decoding that output into something useable.

In general, I am flipping out, because it is really hard to make these tools work with anything I already have setup for audio, probably through my own ignorance and lack of experience...

Here are my problems, and maybe there are workarounds?

-The volume "peaks" instead of peak. I know this is workable since I had it working at one point....

-There is no frequency structure to feed to the low/mid/high audio patch... so how the heck can I "decode" anything coming from the audio signal into something that can actually change parameters of the visual?

I am sure there is some clever way of doing some of this with the structure tools... but I haven't completely got my head wrapped around that stuff yet.

I am just trying to basically figure out a way to set up an input chain for audio, that will let me automate some parameters using music, but so that I can render in Quartz Crystal.

Messing around with this more, makes me realize I just want one big audio device that has file input, and multi band additive/subtractive eq, with a steep slope. That way I could just target 1~3k to a given parameter, or 90hz to another... or let the ultra high signals that you can't even hear too well (+14k) control other parameters. Maybe there is actually a way of achieving this that I am missing?

There is a certain United Nations vibe going on here... I hope we don't end up needing a translator, as the worlds of A and V collide.

Release: Audio Tools, v0.4

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.4
Release Notes

This release of Audio Tools includes the following changes:

Audio Tools --- Audio Device Info Patch, Audio File Input Patch, Audio Input Patch, Audio File Info Patch, Audio File Player Patch

  • Added new Kineme Audio File Input Patch, which outputs an image and structures containing sample data from a specified Audio File. This is analogous to the Kineme Audio Input Patch, but is useful for offline rendering with QuartzCrystal.
  • Added new "Volume Peaks" output to Kineme Audio Input Patch.

[ More info on this patch set ]

KnM Audio Tools/ volume peak option in Audio input patch

Hi a nice addition to the already awesome Audio Tools would be a "Volume Peak" option for all channels independently. First it would nicely mimic the original apple patch (esp. if you rename Waveform to Spectrum, but that's another story ;), plus this would spare me a 32 channels addition macro (and a bunch of useless nodes, or even worst ... a javascript ) Volume peak is extremely useful to me ... esp. when working with piezo sensors. thanks anyway for this great release.

(note that this is not really a proper request, more of a feature / plugin design discussion, but with the new wiki system i don't really know where to put this.)

Useful Audio Tools Macro

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I've just made a little QTZ with a couple of macros that allow selection of an audio interface and input channel, and provides Waveform and Waveform Image output from the Kineme Audio Input patch.

Might save someone some time :)