Night Sky (Composition by bbinkovitz)

Author: bbinkovitz
License: MIT
Date: 2010.02.02
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:

A little ditty made on top of smokris' Cloudy Gray Backdrop.

The moon goes through all of its phases in time-lapse style, against a sky with 3 kinds of stars (white, yellowish, and slightly-larger bluish).

NightSky.qtz965.28 KB

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Re: Night Sky (Composition by bbinkovitz)

Poetic 'lapsing' of the GLSL light position :-).

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Re: Night Sky (Composition by bbinkovitz)

This, by the way, makes me happy. Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Night Sky (Composition by bbinkovitz)

this is a really nice example of how to generate things. it reminds of an old apple java developer example. im not sure if apple used qc or not for the standard leopard/ snow leopard desktop but im pretty sure the principles are the same in respects to populating the stars etc...