Plastic Peacock (Composition by cybero)

Author: cybero
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
Date: 2011.07.29
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6, 10.7
Required plugins:
Kineme Audio Tools

One Low, Mid & High audio reactive purely Core Image kernel composition.

Kineme Audio Tools Audio File Input.

Set to Looney Bob by Anitek

[2010 Anitek. Licensed to the public under verify at].

Offline rendered version in Quartz Crystal, resynced in QuickTime.

A composition that can be easily turned into a Music Visualizer or Screensaver.

Requires the Image Rehab Virtual Macro

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Re: Plastic Peacock (Composition by cybero)

Psychedelic! Intending to do some raves in some field some time soon are we? No seriously beautiful audiovisual synchronicity, the lo/mids/highs work well.

Could you not flatten your composition to get rid of the need for the Image rehab patch?

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Re: Plastic Peacock (Composition by cybero)

I'd need to rejig some of the Core Image kernel to output an image within bounds, right now it natively produces an un-cropped graphic, which Image Rehab sets to rights.

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Re: Plastic Peacock (Composition by cybero)

I referring to 'flattening' the image rehab for distribution purposes (alt+file>save as flatten copy), if your intending people to use in itunes or as a screensaver. This way they don't need virtual macros installed.

This comp really does look gorgeous in full res.

PlasticPeacock_0_flat.qtz116.12 KB

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Re: Plastic Peacock (Composition by cybero)

Yeah, it just explodes the macro.

Thanks for the compliment [& the flattening favour].

I'm currently beavering away at some fundamental and deceptively simple Core Image formulae in the SBArt Gene Editor, part of a series. Thereafter it's a simple matter of bespoking them with additional floats and / or vecs. The initial series are much simpler.

Then there's my growing bank of Core Image kernels that take and manipulate image input. Another 'discovery' rolling animated Landscapes; the subject of my next Video post I shouldn't be at all surprised, as the Op Art series will take far more time to complete.

Still exploded or not , that resulting macro is still the work of the original author, smokris.

Whatever, I'm really digging just how incredibly flexible and manipulable Core Image really can be. Every day a new discovery.