Gold Dust Refinery (Composition by dust)

Author: dust
License: (unknown)
Date: 2009.09.13
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

so im calling this piece "Gold Dust Refinery" the track is something I dug out of my archives and made a few years ago. This composition utilizes the tuio protocol for realtime live performance of audio visual spectrum and touch reactiveness. In this recording I am using an occluder hence the black stars but it was originally designed for density and velocity only. If you choose to run it by negating the occlusion you will notice something different than the normal navier patch.

I have included x1,y1,z1,w1 and x2,y2,z2,w2 inputValues for the open CL kernel and attached them according to my multi-touch input variables. You will have to see what this does. I have negated the z parameter but feel free to hook it up. When I get more time I will do the same with occlusion. So this really illustrates how to use inertia, and feed back accumulators with particles as input for 2d fluid simulations. I was going to trash this patch because I really wasn't feeling the occlusion, but my daughter saved it by doing a pretty cool touch move where she was able to get the occlusion to fill in the gold with all black giving it a really cool grunge feeling with just a little gold sparkle shining through. When I saw that I decided to add some audio reactiveness and make a record a performance.

Here is the temp video before my vimeo upload is ready.

goldDustRefinery.qtz351.8 KB