Kineme 3D Fluid Simulation (Composition by dust)

Author: dust
License: (unknown)
Date: 2009.09.13
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

so this is inspired by GT's blobs, him and lee have been talking about how cool the gl height field is. So today while messing with some fluid sims i thought it would be a cool idea to use a particle system to drive a fluid system that drives a 3d mesh mesh system, then i took it a step farther and decided to interpolate thi fluid waves with some peak wave amplitude of an audio spectrum.

to my surprise i came up with a real time multi dimensional fluid simulation, im going with 3d at the moment, i know the navier strokes are inherently 2 dimensional but upon a closer look at the cl code the inputValues are actually vec4 xyz and w, so it seems that there is possibility to interact on a third dimension in cl via the fluid sim, although the z depth has been negated from the example. i will have to explore that more later. for now i will use kineme 3d. im uploading the video to vimeo but you can watch on my server for the time being.

the song is a composition by my x wife and arrangement by me, although honestly i had no musical input other than arranging the composition, everything else is all her. i might have designed a few synths but when it comes to music my x wife and i are very different, she is a gifted composer and making this actually brings tears to my eyes because this was made at a happy time in our relationship, or at least from my perspective as you will be able to tell from the lyrical content she has always been disturbed. so the track is called trail of tears but i am calling the composition tearFlow.

here is temporary link to the video while i wait for it to upload to vimeo.

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Re: Kineme 3D Fluid Simulation (Composition by dust)

here is a experimental mutli touch version. dip all three fingers for gestural effects.