mesh waveform mapping (Composition by dust)

Author: dust
License: MIT
Date: 2010.10.22
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

this filter takes the audio spectrum and displaces mesh vertex points much like you would with a displacement map image. mesh and kineme audio location input required. there are parameters to control the amount of displacement for all xyz points.

dust_waveform_mesh_map_example.qtz11.35 KB

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Re: mesh waveform mapping (Composition by dust)

Nice example, dust. Useful OpenCL kernel work :-)

Thanks for sharing.

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Re: mesh waveform mapping (Composition by dust)

Ah the mighty power of meshes and openCL, again an incredibly useful example for QC'ers. Nice on Dust

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Re: mesh waveform mapping (Composition by dust)

this is what happens when an astroid meets dubstep or what i'm calling dustep in outer space.

actually its this mesh filter combined with a vertex image based displacement map as well.

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Re: mesh waveform mapping (Composition by dust)

really nice comp dust!

using it though turned up a feature/bug? with using 'path'

if I entered a path; e.g. to an audio file in my iTunes library it would be :

/Users/andrew/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Music/photonal/Sequential/8Bit.mp3

note the escape character before the 'space' in the 'iTunes Music' part

the mp3 file won't load!

I had to move it to a new location so as not to end up with a path with a 'Space' in it.

e.g. /Users/andrew/Desktop/8Bit.mp3 worked fine.

It has nothing to do with accessing the iTunes library folder either as the following test location : /Users/andrew/Desktop/1\ 2\ 3/8Bit.mp3 didn't work either.

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Re: mesh waveform mapping (Composition by dust)

hmm with the music paths i usually just drag and drop a file then use input splitter on path and hook that up to audio waveform patch.

have been having a hard time with the meshes in regards to setting local paths to the folder the comp is in. i would have liked to package this up with a model but for what ever reasons.

mesh.dae or /mesh.dae or ./mesh.dae or ./folder/mesh.dae don't seem to be working for me anymore like it used to. i don't know if im doing something wrong or if something has changed with the new x code framework ? i will have to investigate some more.

for what its worth i have no problems using a file from my itunes folder via drag and drop. so that is defiantly news to me my friend.

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Re: mesh waveform mapping (Composition by dust)

I'm finding that a project centric approach , music file, mesh file and .qtz at the same root level works AOK. Very transportable. No need for /Users/long/windedness/only/applicable/in/my/locale, etc :-)

Download from :-


& just uploaded an additional development utilising your spectrum OpenCL displacer, dust.

This uses Kineme audio input, not file player and can simply run and run.

Currently set to microphone input , should be placed into the's unarchived folder.

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Re: mesh waveform mapping (Composition by dust)

got the mesh to work at root level... i was being dumb.. either qc or i opened a different version of the file making it impossible to find my stuff from the root directory.

nice one cybero this is really looking nice with the live input. whistling really gives it cool effect. kind of reminds of one of tb or msa's super shape things without the supper shape.

so i added a live input switch and the image based displacement as well. haven't had time to convert image displacement mapping to cl yet so its glsl.... as i spent some time today making a cl based image recognition patch.

so here is a displacement by image glsl and displacement by audio cl version with local or root based file structure so all you got's to do is just hit play.

sorry for the size i included a mp3 320kbs but its within the limit ;)

dispalce.zip14.39 MB