M-Audio Trigger Finger MIDI (Composition by farinuts)

Author: farinuts
License: Public Domain
Date: 2011.05.21
Compatibility: 10.4, 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:

This is a clip that provides MIDI control for the M-Audio Trigger Finger device.

I'd been tearing my hair out trying to get the pads configured - turns out they're notes (starting at C3) so you can't use MIDI Learn to map 'em. D'oh!

In hindsight, setup is pretty easy but I thought I'd share this since I didn't see much else in the way of support for the Trigger Finger in QC.

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Re: M-Audio Trigger Finger MIDI (Composition by farinuts)

This is so awesome thank you very much for posting this!

I was trying combination by combination til I got it right and could only figure out a few of them. Very much appreciated.