Linescreen (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
Date: 2012.06.24
Compatibility: 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7
Required plugins:

This is a glsl shader that takes texture input (vid, still image, etc.) and does some fun level dithering, and line screening.

The controls are as follows:

layers - controls amount of color steps.

mode: 0-BW, horizontal linescreen. 1-BW, vertical linescreen. 2-BW, grid linescreen. 3-Color, horizontal linescreen. 4-Color, vertical linescreen. 5-Color, grid linescreen.

line: density of linescreen.

red/green/blue: color levels when in one of the color modes.

vignette/vignette Radius: turn on vignette, and control radius.

gamma/gammaLevel: turn on gamma, control gamma level (gamma from an example by psonice).

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Re: Linescreen (Composition by gtoledo3)

Some useful configurable inputs on layer, line and mode.

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Re: Linescreen (Composition by gtoledo3)

really cool, i like it very much. here is my quick and dirty remix:

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Re: Linescreen (Composition by gtoledo3)

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Re: Linescreen (Composition by gtoledo3)

I can't get anything but black from this, I'm on Lion 10.7.4 can anybody confirm that OS version?

Looks interesting as does the cool @pixelnoizz re-mix

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Re: Linescreen (Composition by gtoledo3)

Worked ok for me, but there's a slight chance I have 10.7.3 loaded, I cannot remember.

Can you try plugging in a still picture instead of the video feed, or see if the shader program indicates any errors? Thanks! :-) Every so often I run into stuff with that new "FaceTime" camera (I think that's what they call the iSight replacement w/ higher res?)....maybe that's it?