Peptide Synthesis (Composition by smokris)

Author: smokris
License: MIT
Date: 2010.08.15
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:

Chained Hexagonal Pixellate CoreImage filters with not-quite-synchronized Interpolation behaving in a vaguely-fractal-like manner.

PeptideSynthesis.qtz12.78 KB

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Re: Peptide Synthesis (Composition by smokris)

wow what a cool a name. I always wondered if it was possible to synthesize neural peptides. I asked my grandfather, if it was possible before I went to college. my grandfather was radiologist and cancer research doctor so I thought he might have an idea. he told me it would take 3 years of chemistry. decided maybe that was not what I wanted to do after I herd that. I asked a chemistry student the same question and he said people are working on this. i suppose maybe my grandfarther miss understood my question because it seems to me if it would only require 3 years of organic an inorganic chem then someone would have done this by now. either way it's a great idea.

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Re: Peptide Synthesis (Composition by smokris)

That's very nifty! I love the way it slowly gets more complex as it iterates, but never loses the base structure.

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Re: Peptide Synthesis (Composition by smokris)

im not really versed in chem stuff although neuropeptide synthesis is fascinating to me. maybe this is just peptide not neuropeptide, but it seems to be an accurate visualization of what i think the whole cell division process might look like. meaning when there is the cell division the amount of receptors increase exponentially. which in turn looks like what this animation is doing ? smorkis can you explain this a little bit. sorry i find this fascinating but not fascinating enough to take a class in chemistry.