Structure Transition (Composition by yone)

Author: yone
License: Creative Commons Attribution
Date: 2011.12.25
Compatibility: 10.7
Required plugins:
Kineme GLTools

Transition Points

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Re: Structure Transition (Composition by yone)

wow really enjoying this! great match of sound/graphics

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Re: Structure Transition (Composition by yone)

hi i am teaching myself qc at the moment and i want to achieve some similar stuff to this , i was wondering if i can ask you a couple questions please about this composition!? ive looked through the script and theres some stuff that confuses me!

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Re: Structure Transition (Composition by yone)

Tidy and really effective construct. I find that setting a condition / range on the amount of frames being added into the Math Expression helps with offline rendering considerations, otherwise it runs like a dream and works nicely with Meshes too. Haven't tried Parametric Surfaces with the construct as rendering patches as yet. Thanks for sharing.