feedback, motion detect & blur

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goto10's feedback tutorial was the thing that lit my passion for QC. so in a process of messing arround with it, this composition was made. nothing fancy programming wise but i love its visual aesthetics. was my ultimate vj gun for some time now. the motion detection code i found in _1024 particle warfare motion detect example. i realy dont know if its common practice in detecting motion in QC? i didn't find any plugin for that. anyway, this is my first steps so: to be continued..

just for the record, this was what i tried to achieve originaly, found it few days ago:

feedback(motion_detect__blur).qtz11.58 KB

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Re: feedback, motion detect & blur

to detect motion you sustract the actual frame from the previous. there's no need for a plugin actually.

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Re: feedback, motion detect & blur


did you check optical flow?

check vadeĀ“s version here (originally made by @pixlpa )

and kineme users made a lot of examples with that optical flow and with other openCL solutions.

i hope it helps,


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Re: feedback, motion detect & blur

thanks Franz, thats what i suspected.

yeah, David. i have to check it once more, thanks