Iteration to Structure

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after a brief study how to nest iterators seen @noboko (thanks @gtoledo3 for useful link! i tried to hook them to make structures. few examples attached.

so far i had an interesting adventure in generating various combinations of lines and stuff.. but i'm really stuck at this point. i have a basic question:

does this kind of structuring makes sense? could it go further (lets say something like ?

is there a way to make offsetting points more controllable by this method, or i should include any other tools, maybe i'm missing something about structure making in general?

any tip would be appreciated!

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Re: Iteration to Structure

a] incorporate the GLLook patch into your composition. [look at perspective matrix]

b] use some Javascript for creating your structures dynamically [assuming here you wanted something pretty similar to RandomWalkTest]

c] GL Polygon Offset is capable of doing offsets on Polygons and thus will offset, in its own fashion, the triangle composition you posted.