Kinect 1520

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Hi everyone,I tryed to search in the forum but I didn't really find what I need . I would like to connect the Kinect to my Mac and then to QC but the Kinect's model 1414 is became so hard to find . So I wondered if I can connect the model 1520,someone knows if it is possible ? On internet I found a lot of general information but nothing clear . Thank you so much :)

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Re: Kinect 1520

Firstly, I do not know of a solution to meet your requirements that is available for download or source code compilation but I think that if you were to enquire of the Quartz Composer groups on Facebook you'd probably find people very assistive and informative there. Unfortunately , and understandably, as Kineme's focus has switched away from QC plugins to VUO the QC footfall to this site has dwindled somewhat.

A good place to start would likely as not be