Quartz Composer + Ableton + QLab

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So I have got a project that I am hoping i can get some setup ideas form you guys. I am open to any suggestion as i am at the drawing board stage at the moment.

So the idea is have lets say a multiple amount of either go pro's or replay xd cameras on stage plug them into some sort of matrix and then into QLab that then can be triggered from ableton individually via midi or jump to a different cue where cameras can be in a different configuration.

QLab then sends final output to Quartz where the final effects and processing are applied. The final image is sent to a projector or to a hippo media server for mapping.

So some thoughts on why this setup. I have read a couple of posts saying that quartz doesn't really handle multiple camera inputs that well, so hence the use of qlab. The reason for go pro's or replayxds is that they are small and can be easily hidden in a set on stage.

Can you please give some suggestions if you think this is a doable setup or something can be cut or needs to be added to this.


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Re: Quartz Composer + Ableton + QLab

If you need images from your cameras to stay in sync with the event/music you will have to get a different system. Every stage in the pipeline adds at least another frame of delay.