Better way than CommandLineTool?

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Hi all, First time here. I'm a neophyte to QC so please bear with me. I'm trying to embed some blank QC compositions on Keynote slides.

I'm looking to do one thing on these compositions, run a Perl script from the command line using Apple's CommandLinetool. While it works great inside QC, when I go to import (drag-drop) the QTZ onto a slide in Keynote I get a frame with "Hello World!" text on it! I have no idea what's going on. When I export to a Quicktime movie, I get the same issue. The Quicktime Movie does the same thing if I run it using Quicktime Player also.

As to give more background, I have a single line that executes a shell command script called This script passes on arguments that get transmitted to my LanBox device sitting on port 777.

Has anyone seen this issue with the CommandLineTool? (BTW, I saw a post on another forum about running QC w/32-bit switch "on" - no change).

Is there another way for me to transmit a data out to another device via the ethernet port?

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Re: Better way than CommandLineTool?

The "Hello World!" is from an "Image With String" patch so your QC comp is not blank I guess. Be helpful if you posted example files of what you are attempting. Is the command line tool a QC plugin that you are trying to sneak Perl scripts into Keynote with? I don't fully get what it is you are wanting to do.

KinemeCore allows you to make Keynote or any other application permit "unsafe patches" that may help you. Just go to KinemeCore Preferences under the K menu. KinemeCore can be found on this site in the Beta Releases page. Link is in top-left-corner once you set beta release pref in your Kineme account details. To download beta releases you need to tick Beta Tester on your Kineme account prefs (under Edit panel). This might help, not sure.

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Re: Better way than CommandLineTool?

what kind of data are you trying to send ? there are all kinds of ways to bounce data around with qc. there is the osc sender and receiver then there is a bonjour patch as well that are stock and in my opinion are pretty efficient ways to send data. that is supposing you want your not sending an image. are you trying to go from or to trigger another keynote that has a qc file in it. i mean if your wanting to do perl stuff probably the command line is the best way.

i made an apple script plugin that executes shell commands as well. there is no return so as long as you know the command it will execute it. it might be a better way, i don't really know perl that well but i'm pretty sure you have to enable root user etc.. i think with the apple script you can do all that with one command rather than having to type su into to the command line then type password then perl etc...

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Re: Better way than CommandLineTool?

I'm guessing the issue is that Keynote and Quicktime Player run compositions in safe mode. All plugins such as the Command Line Tool are disabled in safe mode.

Edit: Should have read the other posts properly. usefuldesign's solution with KinemeCore might work for you.

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Re: Better way than CommandLineTool?

haha, im not sure whom the edit is directed to as i did read useful designs solution as that is the proper solution if not the only solution. but if i read the question correctly which i may have not, as i tend to be daft at times. the question #

Is there another way for me to transmit data out to another device via the ethernet port?
i believe in concatenation with the afore mentioned solution via useful-designs there are much better ways to transmit data via quartz other than a perl script whether in a keynote or not but yes without disabling safe mode im afraid any of the alternate solutions i proposed will not work. sorry if i didn't make that clear in my post as i try not to re-iterate someone else's solution.


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Re: Better way than CommandLineTool?

Thanks everyone for the return responses. I've been away on business travel so I'm just getting my head back wrapped around the problem I'm having.

In taking a closer look, I would love to use dust's Applescript plugin but it does not run in Keynote (it shows up as an official API in KinemeCore). Any suggestions how I can run it unsafe so I can run in Keynote?