Particle Water Spout.

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I have been playing around with the particle patch and got an idea running through my head now. i would like to make water spout that shoots up and can be moved left and right. exactly like that water fountain display in vegas.

first question I have is. are there any special patches that I need or have to get to start this project?


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Re: Particle Water Spout.

No special patches required, merely stock patches needed to achieve that, although the same or similar effect could be achieved with the use of OpenCL, or with the use of Kineme Particles patches, see those stock compositions from the Kineme download page for those..

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Re: Particle Water Spout.

You might want to look at the example particle compositions in the developer folder. There are some ok stock particle generator examples at as well ... kinda old school, but not bad.

The kineme particle tools has a great water spout example that reacts with solids (bounces around etc). QC must be run in 32 bit though, for ok particle tools function (find app, control click to get info, switch to run 32 bit mode).