Webcam trouble

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Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble getting my ps3 eye feed into quartz composer. I'm using Mavericks and have changed the QC settings to run in 32-bit. I've placed the macam.component in the proper Quicktime folders, but the feed does not show up in the video input patch. I've tried using the FV Video Input, the macam option is on the list, but when i try to run it, the feed does not show in the viewer.

Could someone suggest some other options for getting my ps3 eye feed into QC?


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Re: Webcam trouble

Can you record your ps3 eye via macam with QuickTime player? (QuickTime Player -> File -> New Movie recording, select the correct video source)

This would prove that your video is passed through to QuickTime correctly. If this doesn't work, the problem is not QC related.

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Re: Webcam trouble

I also had problems getting macam to work on mavericks.

Fred's ps-eye to syphon might be a workaround:

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Re: Webcam trouble

Thanks for the replies,

macam does not show up as an option in QuickTime Player, only the built in iSight option. I did place the macam.component in the both Library/Quicktime, as well as System/Library/Quicktime. Neither worked for me.

I'm trying to create project where I can visually alter the video feed from the PS3 eye. Quartz Composer seems like a relatively simple way to do this. I just cannot find a way to bring the feed from the ps3 eye into QC.

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Re: Webcam trouble

thanks a lot monobrau,

the ps-eye and syphon method worked!

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Re: Webcam trouble

Has anyone tried this with a newer OS, say 10.8, because I thought this would be a very prime solution as well but it does not work on my computer; program loads but nothing is drawn in the window.

Any one else experience this?

Any new ideas on getting the PS3 Eye to work in Quartz Composer?