Hello from Ontario Canada

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I've been on this forum for several weeks now and have discovered that people here are very experienced and helpful. I'd like to say thank-you and I'm glad I found this place and hope that I can contribute back as I learn more about QC.

Hi everyone, my name is Chris Wilms, I am the Audio Visual Technical Analyst for Loyalist College (Belleville, Ontario, Canada). Maybe I should explain a little of why I'm here; a little under two years ago I discovered Quartz Composer and have been dabbling in it to see what it can do. It didn't take long to realize this program had huge potential and with the addition of some Kineme and 3rd party add-ons I found that it could be used for some extremely cool stuff! In fact I was so impressed by what it could do that I proposed a project to the College last year to introduce live graphics to our Convocation (Graduation) Ceremonies. Next week will be our first Ceremonies using this new system and it should be pretty cool! To sum up what this system does it basically uses QC to control and render event driven graphics to automatically display the names and program of each student as they cross the stage as well as providing manual control over the different graphics necessary for the various parts of the ceremony. I'm hammering out the final kinks in this project over the next couple of days, but the event driven graphics are working flawlessly so far and I'm super excited about how this will look next week!

Thanks again for all the advice I've been receiving, you people are just awesome!

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Re: Hello from Ontario Canada

That's a really awesome idea.