Job: Help Finishing Simple Project

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I'm looking for someone to take a simple quartz composer project I've created and (a) optimize the video playback (the project is playing back a quicktime video and from what I understand there are techniques to minimize dropped frames, etc.) and (b) package the project as a fullscreen clickable Mac app.

From what I've gleaned from tutorials out there, this is quite a simple process, but at this point I'm looking to farm it out.

Thanks! MBS

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Re: Job: Help Finishing Simple Project

Quartz Builder is a drag n drop one click build solution that will optimize your quartz file. i wouldn't worry about dropped frames unless your capturing from the camera or running multiple screens with lots of HD videos multiplexed or huge videos loaded into vram.

essentially if the video plays back in the quartz composer viewer window without any problems, then more than likely your video should play back on other peoples systems fine. choosing a decent video compression will help things. when in doubt go with a h264 or jpg compressions, they normally run well in quartz composer.

it literally takes less than five mins to build a full screen app in XCode. here is a video tutorial from start to finish in less than 5 min.


you could build your app by yourself in less time than it would take you to transfer the video file to me or anyone else. i think you could do this one on your own but if you really want to farm out then im sure someone would be happy to oblige.

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Re: Job: Help Finishing Simple Project

FWIW, I get much better results with AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) than with either H264 or jpeg (or yuv, bmp, or anything else I've tried). H264 uses intra-frame compression to optimize for minimum file size, so you're trading a bit of processing overhead for the reduced file size.

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Re: Job: Help Finishing Simple Project

I have been leaving videos in apples pro res codec mostly when dealing with them outside of qc. it helps when rendering out video shot with an iOS device to keep them in a native format. that really only works well for me with final cut. if rendering out cv pixel buffers from a composition a pro res format will take a considerable amount of time longer than a h264 to render. with apples new sandbox rules I have been limited to a few stock format choices via avfoundation when compared to the many choices that QuickTime kit gives you.

i suppose render times don't really matter much in this threads context and it comes down to the best codec for real time playback which for some reason I was under the impression that a motion jpg format was preferred for vj type of set up. I suppose it doesn't matter as much now with computers being so powerful however screen size is getting bigger. i bet trying to playback a video in retina resolution with a second monitor attached to a Mbp could become costly and thus making compressions and codecs once again an issue for playback.