QC + Servo Motor + Rotary Encoder + Arduino (1 week job)

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Hello friends

I'd like to build a flat circular platform the rotates using a motor. The platform will have a rotary encoder that would give out rotational values, angle, position, velocity to QC, through Ardunio. QC will take these values and rotate a 3D Transform patch or a 3D model precisely according to the platform rotation.

Let me know


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Re: QC + Servo Motor + Rotary Encoder + Arduino (1 week job)

I built something along those lines. Found that it is very much a mechanical problem and sourcing parts. Quite time intensive to build. One needs to use electrical slip rings to power the display unit and high resolution (at least 1000 ppr pulse per revolution) encoder.

More info is here: http://kuchelmeister.net/prj_turntable.html

cheers, volker

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