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Release: Shell Command, v0.3

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.3
Release Notes

Shell Command Patch

This update to the Shell Command Patch improves security by limiting where the patch can be used.

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being a "renderer"...

...ie a pink patch means it can only exist in a macro without any outputs, which is kinda annoying as most of the use i have for this is as a data mangling node, away from the actual rendering macros. is there any chance of this being worked-around, or is this the only way to force it to execute on input change?

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Initially, I made it a renderer because that's the only way to make it execute without it needing to be attached to a renderer.

I can build a non-renderer one (with the implied condition being that'll only execute when attached to a renderer somehow) if you'd like.

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KB shotcuts from shell command ?

Is there a way to output keyboard shortuts from terminal, and/or from the shell command patch ? Is there another way to generate this from QC ?



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Keyboard shortcuts are high-level events, I don't think shell stuff can induce that directly (without some special programs that inject artificial events onto the event queue).

However, you can call a program called "oascript", which can run an apple script. AppleScripts can probably cause most of the functionality of shortcut keys, so that might be a direction to investigate.

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Re: Release: Shell Command, v0.3

Is it just me or is this Patch now defunked in Snow Leopard?

Any plans to update it or am I out of luck on this one!



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Re: Release: Shell Command, v0.3

When Leopard was released, Apple included an example plugin which did essentially the same thing --- http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/samplecode/CommandLineTool/index....

So we haven't updated this patch in a long time. Use Apple's code instead.

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Re: Release: Shell Command, v0.3

i made an apple script plugin. its in the repository, you can do shell commands with it or anything apple script can do. it executes every frame so interpolating lets say the volume of itunes is possible. there isn't any output. so if you are doing shell commands you better no what your doing as you do not see the errors and quartz will execute the command on a frame basis so take that to mind when making a folder or something. i usually pulse a command in to not get multiples. it takes javascript as well so you can open a website or something.

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Re: Release: Shell Command, v0.3

Wohoo! Thank you both for your instant replies! All sorted now.

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Re: Release: Shell Command, v0.3

I really would like to see the Kineme ShellCommand to resurface, since the Apple CommandLineTool sucks! first of all, I don't think the "Standard In" makes any sense. It is not properly documented what it does. I got it to run a command line program by pressing a keyboard key (sending a boolean), it triggered the program not only once but a few times. I changed the input to a counter and then the program ran only once. Ok, that problem solved. It seems that it needs to be hooked up to some renderer, although all I want is to should happen in the background. But the real problem is that it won't run shell scripts. I have a long script that does all kinds of things (plays a sound, reads a value from a textfile, speaks to the user, takes a screencapture, copies and shrinks that screencapture image to a thumbnail and uploads those two images to create a webgallery, meanwhile updating a counter to rename the files properly). Can't do that in one path with some arguments, fellows! (ok maybe you could but it wouldn't make too much sense). Why all this? It is way faster, happens in the background while QC crunches on.

The AppleScript plug-in does not work for me, I'm on leopard, and it seems I have to stay the cursed & belowed Tiger!

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Re: Release: Shell Command, v0.3

+1,love to see an update as well it'll be really useful for quite some things

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Re: Release: Shell Command, v0.3

i can´t find the plugin in Library ( in Qc ) in Lion. Any suggestions ?

Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
/Users/[you]/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/
(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)