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Release: Structure Tools, v0.1

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.1
Release Notes
Warning: These patches are now part of DataTools. Use that plugin instead.

This is our first public release of Structure Tools. Presently, it offers a faster and easier alternative to construct indexed and named structures.

This plugin will give you the Kineme Named Structure Maker and the Kineme Structure Maker. These both allow you to create dynamic structures from any Quartz Composer datatype without the overhead of the javascript patch.

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Very precious release...:)

Thanks a lot kineme ! You rocks !

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it would be great if each

it would be great if each patch set included a screenshot of a canonical use, if only to aid in the description.

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Re: Release: Structure Tools, v0.1


I'm using the structure to file and structure from file patches and encountering some unexpected behavior. Structure (components 1,2,3) is written to file, when read back to another structure the components are messed up (1,3,2).

Plist editor displays the structure as should be.

I'm pasting below the output as read from text edit, where components seem indeed to be dancing around in the wrong order. ("Brightness" being component 3 - indeed)


Thanks everyone for the work, works and friendliness around!

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Re: Release: Structure Tools, v0.1

I think those patches are actually part of File Tools. I just had some recent confusion about where they came from as well. It would be really great if there was a list of all the patches included in each plugin on the site here.

Also the order problems you are experiencing are sort of explained here I think: http://kineme.net/Discussion/ProgrammingQuartzComposerPatches/arrayselem...

Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
/Users/[you]/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/
(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)

Warning: These patches are now part of DataTools. Use that plugin instead.