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Release: Texture, v20071110

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071110
Release Notes

More cleanups. Now runs under 64-bit Leopard runtime. Fixed the TexturePort so it no longer needs a category on QCPatch. Working on a progressive or multithreaded texture renderer (nothing stable yet, so it's not in this build).

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problem with exporting as quicktime movie

I'm really enjoying playing with the texture patches. However they are slow to render large images so I wanted to export my composition as a quicktime movie. However when I do this the textures don't appear in the exported movie. Other elements from the composition do appear. Perhaps there is a better way to render textures to movies...

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if you're exporting from within QC, you're not actually making a real movie, but a qtz wrapped in a .mov wrapper. QuickTime will then render the composition as QC would (no video is encoded etc), but with one caveat: QT (and safari) run QC compositions in "Safe Mode". Currently, none of our plugins work in safe mode (we could do this, we just haven't gotten around to it).

To test this theory, open Console.app, and look for errors about certain plugins not working in Safe Mode.

I'm glad you're enjoying them though :) I've done a bit of work to speed-up or cache the results, but I've got nothing to show for it just yet.

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Thanks for your help.

I figured out a solution to my problem which is to use the Offline developer example program. It renders frames of a composition to a movie.

Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
/Users/[you]/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/
(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)