Composite: Color Blend Mode

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Patch Name: 
Color Blend Mode
Patch First Appeared in Version: 
10.4 (Tiger)
Patch Execution Mode: 
Patch Description: 

Combines two images. Example:
patch looks like
patch editor view of simple color blend of two images
image looks like
photo of bbinkovitz with finnish flag
background image looks like
bbinkovitz with a colorful hairdo
(not to scale)

composite looks like
previous 2 photos superimposed

see also: official docs on colorBlendMode. (I made this example before I realized Apple already had.)

Patch Inputs: 


Background Image

Patch Outputs: 


Patch Inspector Settings: 

Use normalize coordinates – if enabled, distance type parameters are normalized to the [0,2] range where 2.0 is the diagonal of the primary image, while the position type parameters will be normalized to the [0,1] range where 1.0 is either the width or the height of the primary image.

Normalized coordinates work only with Core Image filters that have an input image and valid image parameters.