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As promised (although a bit later than promised, I've had a few issues with file hosting!), here is my demo (actually more of a music disk), made mostly with quartz composer. It was made for the breakpoint 2008 demo party in germany, where it came 7th out of 13.

It's a 23mb download, and requires leopard and a reasonable video card (it seems to work on some macs with intel video, not on others, so try your luck!). It contains 4 pieces of music, one logo in .pdf format, and 3 videos that get remixed within the app. There are no other textures (apart from the sundown logo letters), everything else is generated internally. It was intended as a bit of a 'trip down memory lane', showing some demo stuff from each era (8-bit/ commodore 64, 16bit/ amiga, late-90s PC, and current).

It's also pretty unfinished in places, as I had a few bugs to deal with and ran out of time :( It's effectively complete, but the 1992 part needs remixing a lot (it should look like a 1992 demo with a twist, not just a 1992 demo!) and the 2008 part after the sundown logo is just filler as the work I had done for that had big issues just before the party.

As it is, this is only the release version of the demo, there are no .qtz files to dig into. Actually, that's probably for the best, for your own sanity - I used over 2,500 patches, it's enormous and extremely convoluted, and totally undocumented ;) Over the next few weeks though, I'll remake each part, and release it as a standalone demo with documented .qtz file. That should make it a bit more understandable :)

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ha, thats brilliant, made me laugh. and woah, fair bit of work in there!