Kineme Fire Particle with Optical Flow/Motion Detection Wind Factor

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Fire - Kineme Particle Comp with added Optical Flow Wind Factor from George Toledo on Vimeo.

I'm going to just quote what I wrote for notes on this Vimeo render, because that pretty much says it:o)

"This is an example of using the Optical Flow plugin in the Developer Tools example, to interact with one of the Kineme Particle compositions.

One of the obvious uses of motion tracking, to me, seemed to be to wave my hands to create wind. This immediately brought to mind the Kineme Fire composition. I had already been familiar with the results of turning up the wind factor on this composition, and it seemed a natural to combine with motion tracking."

I include a compiled version of the standard Optical Flow plug in, which goes in the normal Plug-Ins folder.

So, to my memory, this would need the Optical Flow plug in, as well as Kineme Particle Tools, and GL Tools, since I use Alpha Blending for the particle renderer.

Kineme Fire with Optical Flow Wind Factor.zip19.71 KB

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optical flow

luv the optical flow... this is an adaptation i have done. i didn't take the 3d- track approach. the eyeFlow is left and right only, just change the directory to something with ten pics in. you might need to change the flow steps depending on the environment or how fast you want to flow through pics. here is another one. didn't realize how large it was sorry chris. flowMotion moves your xPos and yPos through a 3d room. the optical flow speed or velocity is mapped to the zPos so the faster you move left and right the faster you mover through the room.

got a version probably to big to upload where your a skier going down a mountain and you have to slalom around poles the faster you sush left and right the faster you get down the mountain to the finish. its more of a first person controlled by the cam, got to sort out some of this openGl and find the ogre engine patch that i have seen so you can actually see a 3d character go down the mountain. might do a cartoon look in the mean time. shoot me line if you want to play with it.

not sure if your familiar with johnny lee stuff.

people seem to be amazed at the IR sensor tracking... moving through a 3d room.

optical flow seems to be able to handle this fine without the IR. IR is a tad bit more accurate but, with some tweaking im confident that optical flow and haar cascades can do this without IR in quartz, soon as the openCV alpha comes out, or until i have time to port the c++, maybe this weekend i will see bout a java solution,in quartz, still got to get my cocoa skills working.

let me know of any updates in regards to optical flow or openCV in quartz.

eyeFlow.qtz61.45 KB
flowMotion2.qtz10.2 MB

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This is cool that we are

This is cool that we are kind of getting a little thread started here... I'm going to check out your comps in a bit :o) It is probably more appropriate to move it over here than keep it on the list since it is getting into "skanky" territory. (ok, I admit I just love gratuitously using the term Skanky SDK).

I'm going to have to dig some more out to post up here as well... BTW, check off "beta tester" in your options, and you will get some access to the beta patches... and there is a beta of OpenCV (no haar detection though, as Chris stated).

I'm curious about the "ogre engine patch" for Quartz Composer you are describing... that isn't the Kineme3D, but an actual other patch, (or maybe the actual Apple one that seems to be non-existent)? Or some program you are putting together just using QC as one of the resources, and an ogre patch as another?

You might want to look at the single marker detector stuff for more motion detection related ideas... I'm sure I posted a compiled version of the plug-in, and links to the original xCode that was posted to the developer group, as well as a hack-job single marker to 3D transform qtz. (that is NOT entirely accurate).

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george the ogre thing is apparently the non existent apple patch. yeah i ll check out the augmented stuff. how are you doing the dinosaur ? that is a kineme plugin ? ill have to search, i have checked off beta tester. i have been in love with the optical flow stuff for a few years, had been messing with cvJitt, but with things like Nuke, and PF track I had been using it for awhile. just got into all this quartz stuff, and trying to program things all on my own. i'm taking a few classes this winter so i'm hoping by next year i will be able to make what ever i want, by my self. until then any help would be great...

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haha i didn't know that the skanky sdk was referring to kineme. i found kineme on the apple site. go figure. just downloaded it.

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Oh, the dinosaur is

Oh, the dinosaur is derivative of one of Chris's Kineme3D compositions, where he shows how to load a Quake model and animate it. You can find the model at Polycount. One of the dino things was sort of a mash-up with augmented reality technology.

The dinosaur md2 was one of the best looking I had found. The Kineme3D is a "for profit" plug-in, and I think the link may be lurking around here? I know it was/is scheduled for full bore release tomorrow.

For one of the clips you may or may not have seen, I attached a "folder images" type of sequence so that the skins of the dino would "change" in rapid succession.