Interactive art work

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Example for using Kineme3D with OpenCV motion tracking.

GhostOfSilence.mov1.24 MB

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Re: Interactive art work

Wow, that is really cool!

Are you getting good fps on that? I have to say.... for what it looks like is going on, I would suggest the Apple optical flow plugin, since it looks like your just tracking general direction. It looks like you already have it working really well, so maybe there is no point in that :)

Not dissin' on the OpenCV by any stretch...

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Re: Interactive art work

Thank you!

Frame rate level was not so good in this test version because the 3D model I used was too heavy. - After I made new models it has worked better.

Thank you for the tip of Optical flow - I just did not understood how does it works. I need to check it out with time. It might be better but does it work only in vertical directions?