keyboard patch problems

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Hi ! I'm encountering real problems with the keyboard input patch. I'm using it for some app with keybrd shortcut, however, i'm programming it with a french keyboard. So all key bindings are made regarding this french keymap. Now i would like to make this app for english users as well, with an english keyboard. Does anybody have any suggestions or strategy regarding this issue ? Any help welcome....

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sys pref > international

tell your mac its got a us or european-iso (...) keyboard, see whether the keyboard patch picks them up right, and use a multiplexer to select between the two patches?

...and on the keyboard patch causing pain: i recently had to write my own string input system. that was fun.

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does the trick, but painfull for multiple languages

yeah, thxx toby that's exactly what i did: duplicate the patches and remap everything. But i won't do this for japanese, german... etc That's why i'm really looking into something like "localisation" stuff within Xcode ... I'll try harder.

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for my 'string input in qc' needs i investigated the idea of a patch that captures keyboard input and outputs the character pressed, which is kinda what you need, but i think thats firmly the remit of some kineme unofficial api voodoo.