Quartz Builder issues with Pixelnode Art-Net plugin

Hi there, Quartz Builder crashes every time i try to put my .qtz file into the dropzone.

First, there is a spinning ball, just like when i open the .qtz file in composer. Thats fine. Then it starts scanning resources, and a couple of minutes later - it crashes.

My info should be in the crash log.

I don't know what to do from here. Can you help me?

Best, soren

QuartzBuilder_2010-06-27-222254_sorenknud.crash36.56 KB

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Re: Quartz Builder

ArtNet plugin seems to be the immediate source of the problem, look at what you are asking that to do and how you are asking it do that. Try running this in QC in 32 bit mode, that might also help you. I made a duplicate of the QC application and permanently set that to be in 32 bit mode. Very useful to have around. [tip via vade]

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Re: Quartz Builder

ArtNet in and of itself probably isn't the problem... I've successfully made many artnet QB apps.

Running in 32 bit mode in QC should make no difference to whatever app QB ends up making, as far as I know. Artnet (at least the Kineme patch) will work in 64 or 32 bit... and QB makes a 32 bit app.

Wait... I note that you're using the Synthe Pixelnode. FWIW, while troubleshooting a problem with artnet (transmitting on a non artnet spec IP) a while back, and out of curiosity, tried the Synthe Pixelnode plugin. It didn't work at all with the equipment that was being used, even once the problem was detected, but maybe it works in your setup.

If you need to use that plugin... it looks like there may be input ports published - see if unpublishing makes a difference - it looks like there might be a problem with input ports on that patch (?). Also, it may be that it wasn't made to be 32bit compatible (which might explain the problems I saw). Not sure.

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Re: Quartz Builder

just to clarify, this isn't the kineme artnet plugin, but some official-api variant. Apparently it's not fond of doing stuff on threads (it's sending a notification, which crashes, so it's likely a dangling pointer bug or something)

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Re: Quartz Builder

I hardly use ArtNet - so wouldn't know apologies for the slight misinformation.