Quartz Composer Patches Not Working Correctly

For whatever reason, there is something wrong with my compositions. Recently, I noticed all the patches I insert do not work correctly. This is very frustrating. My problem is most obvious when using the Logic patch. To test that there was something wrong, I first inserted two Logic patches, one for the outputted Boolean value, and one to view the output. On the first Logic patch I set both inputs to "True", with an operator of "AND". The input of my second Logic patch should say "True", yet it says "False". This was just an example, none of my patches work. One of my friends told me it could be a problem below the surface. The most odd part about this is when I download other compositions, all of the patches work fine. When I start inserting my own standard patches, all the other patches still work, but mine do not. Does anyone know a solution to my problem?

--Thanks, KAN

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Quartz Composer is very efficient -- it won't execute patches that aren't getting used. Your example has no red patches (consumers), so nothing can possibly get used, thus nothing gets executed, thus you see no output.

Try this:

Logic -> Sprite's enable input. Then, make sure the Viewer window is open and running (not stopped). your logic patch should then work as expected.