Very strange Results when iterating through a list generating jpegs

I have a simple Comp that iterates through a List of 11 Names showing them for one second. I use QuarzCristal to produce 11 jpegs with the 11 different names.

Frame 6 and 7 get the same Name. The last name is missing.

I have no clue whats going wrong but shouldnt there be 11 jpegs each with a different name and no name left out?

I think there is a bug somwhere.

Thanks for Hepling! Alex

Archiv.zip4.77 KB

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Re: Very strange Results when iterating through a list ...

Your archive contains a corrupt xml file, and as such the composition generates no output. Even correcting it doesn't produce any useful output.

Please include the settings you used when recording with QuartzCrystal -- it's likely you're running into a slight rounding error or something (completely guessing, as I have no way to test), since floating point math isn't exact. (used for times in QC)

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Re: Very strange Results when iterating through a list ...

Actually I've downloaded that file and it is pretty much typical over detailed XML, but it isn't actually corrupt.

It doesn't like being reformatted either and I had to re-edit the file , which I did two different versions of - see - from pro-temp [@cybero] & other uploads on that thread from me.

The XML actually works for me in its original form.

I just prefer simple, semantic and serviceable XML.

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Re: Very strange Results when iterating through a list ...

hmm, you're right, it's not corrupt (last night when I opened it, there was a tag near the beginning that wasn't properly opened -- a reboot later, it seems ok, and QC's parsing it differently).

However, I still don't get any output from the composition...

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Re: Very strange Results when iterating through a list ...

Here's a quick capture of the proof that it works - freshly downloaded and run for the second time out of the box

[QC 4 | 10.6.3]

axs1xml.mp4_.zip882.42 KB

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Re: Very strange Results when iterating through a list ...

Logging in now as cybero, the file uploaded by me on the other thread of pretty much the same title / name as this one - no possible cause for confusion there , huh •~ , has been tested in QC and works AOK.

Actually, the original Archive posted by the axs1 containing the Word XML [it's not dirty - it's just detailed, honest :-)], does work AOK in QC, so I think you're pointing in the right direction as regards QC settings having some pertinence too.

It only gives the titles though it does cycle through all 11 of the titles. Regards axs1's original composition too, no real errors in it to cause his reported problem could I find at all.

In addition, note that if you reformatted the XML file to structured norm reference XML- indented tags and so on, that same file , from the original archive, will actually cease to work.

Word XML is hilariously stricken with paying excessive attention to potentially globally declared entries that are, instead, written in detail for each & every specific entry tag, brassica repetica, so non OOP IMHO.

Imagine that sort of practice extended to a catalogue the size of, oh Apple's products or say for Kineme's site pages and you'll more likely than not create nearly over four times as much XML as you really need. That on system with the built in fatiguing factor of FAT & the small code block size defaults for NTFS.

Madness •~ [ or obsession? ]

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Re: Very strange Results when iterating through a list ...

i havent really looked at your file but you could queue up just the relevant bits from the xml code and then iterate through the queue just to draw the names. i have been messing with xml lately in qc and the one quark for me is there is no string input.

i guess to put in perspective i am sending xml from qc via osc to my ipod and back vise versa and everything seems to work. i wouldn't be able to do this with out the kineme text writer as there seems to be no way to input a string directly into the xml patch in qc, it has to be from a file. that and then wrapping xml in osc is cool but osc doesn't like the line breaks. in my case i'm just sending some names and what not so xml is minimal