error at launch

I don't know what means.I hope that someonecan help me.

-[QCPatchClassDescription initWithNodeClass:]: ivar "outputImage" of class "KinemeImageWithComposition" is not a subclass of GFPort
0x90f6fc82: GFException
0x90f718c5: GFThrowException
0x90f6fe1b: _ivarToPortClass
0x90ebc4c3: -[GFNodeClassDescription initWithNodeClass:]
0x90ebc214: +[GFNode initialize]
0x90ebcc0e: +[QCPatch initialize]
0x93810b18: _class_initialize
0x9380f499: _class_lookupMethodAndLoadCache
0x9381f736: objc_msgSend
0x90ebe74c: -[GFNodeManager(PlugIns) loadPlugInAtPath:]
0x90ebe445: -[QCNodeManager loadPlugInAtPath:]
0x90ebe9df: -[GFNodeManager(PlugIns) loadPlugInsInFolder:withExtensions:]
0x90ebe87b: -[GFNodeManager(PlugIns) loadPlugInsInLibrary:withExtensions:]
0x90ebe7f3: +[QCPatch(Registry) loadPlugInsInLibrary:]
0x90fd2c4b: _RegisterPatches
0x90ebcd9c: +[QCPatch(Registry) patchManager]
0x9301367a: _nsnote_callback
0x9525da4a: __CFXNotificationPost
0x9525dd23: _CFXNotificationPostNotification
0x93010a70: -[NSNotificationCenter postNotificationName:object:userInfo:]
0x9301a108: -[NSNotificationCenter postNotificationName:object:]
0x93ad2a8b: -[NSWindow becomeMainWindow]
0x93ad12e7: -[NSWindow _changeKeyAndMainLimitedOK:]
0x93ad0fa0: -[NSWindow makeKeyWindow]
0x93ad0ee0: -[NSWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront:]
0x93a519ab: -[NSDocument showWindows]
0x93a4fc71: -[NSDocumentController openUntitledDocumentAndDisplay:error:]
0x93048a6e: __NSFireDelayedPerform
0x9527cb7e: CFRunLoopRunSpecific
0x9527cd38: CFRunLoopRunInMode
0x907098a4: RunCurrentEventLoopInMode
0x907096bd: ReceiveNextEventCommon
0x90709531: BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInMode
0x93a4bd5b: _DPSNextEvent
0x93a4b6a0: -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:]
0x93a446d1: -[NSApplication run]
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Wrong Version

This happens when you use certain plugins on Leopard that were meant for Tiger (or vice versa).

Plugins which do anything with Images or OpenGL will cause these errors until they are updated to Leopard.

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possible Solution

To get an image of a composition inside another composition, QC3 comes with a patch called "Composition Loader" which probably does what you're looking for. Let me know if it doesn't, and I'll focus on updating Image with Composition for you :)

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Grazie...I have understood. I don't have problems with this patch, I wanted to know what meant that message. Thanks again.


ps:good job with the wii control patch