folder images don't work with iterator

I try to do something dinamic with a folder of image that calculate the number of image and create number of sprite= number of the image in the folder... but the folder image don't iterate the image of the folder...

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Folder Images

We didn't write Folder Images, Apple did. I think there is a well-known issue with Folder Images in iterators though, but I don't know the details. I think the work-around involves Javascript.

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yes I know

I would like to know something more... i thought the reports were about general metters... sorry...

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That's ok :)

Feel free to post them here :) We just don't have the knowledge-base that the QC mailing list does, so that might be a good place to search as well.

I think this happens because the Folder Images patch does all its work in a separate thread that the Iterator isn't aware of. Since it's not aware of the thread, it doesn't wait for valid results, and gets nothing instead. I don't work with iterators enough to know how to work around this, but hopefully someone does.