Javascript and .substring( ) : Strange

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I'am trying to parse an Adobe AES files with javascript. AES are text files that contain a color combo (generaly fives hexadecimals colors).You can download those files from

However i have strange result with the .substring( ) function :

var result = new Object();
var tempList=new Array(); 
function (__structure HEXAStructure) main (__string ASE_String)
   //* Parse the string in an array
   tempList= ASE_String.split("#")             
   //* delete the first Index
   //* Extract the hexadecimal 6 digits
   for (var i in tempList){
return result;

the result is an array with five hexadecimal : All seems to be fine but when i count the 6 digits they are 12.... Probably because of ".substring(1,13)" but it's seems the are invisible characters... So it break the conversion to RGB (see attached JS parse ASE.qtz)

I'am forgetting something :) Any advice?

JS parse ASE.qtz21.02 KB
JS Strange.qtz15.46 KB

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Re: Javascript and .substring( ) : Strange

Off the top of my head, don't JS strings' indices start at zero, not one?

You may also have some sort of terminator or newline at the end.

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Re: Javascript and .substring( ) : Strange

Yes you are right and this one part of the problem here : in this case ".substring( ) "doesn't work really well...and I try to understand why....Perhaps it is because of the string input that contain a lot of special characters. I was enable to publish it in the "comment windows" because it seems the kineme server don't accept certain specials characters associations (probably to prevent hacking;)