Midi triggering multiple cubes

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I have a cube that moves in one direction when i trigger it via a midi note. How can I get another cube to trigger from the note and repeat so i can have as many cubes folowing the same path as i want from one note?

A particle emiter would do this but i only seem to be able to emit a 2d square using kineme particle tools



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Re: Midi triggering multiple cubes

Using ParticleTools's Render: Structure, you can create a structure of points. You can then feed this to GLTools's Cube Structure to render a cube at each point. See attached composition.

ParticleCubes.qtz4.99 KB

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Re: Midi triggering multiple cubes

That works thanks I wonder how you can apply any 3d object to this?

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Re: Midi triggering multiple cubes

kineme particle tools used in conjunction with kineme3d will let you use whatever 3d objects you like as particles. You need to make sure you are using later versions of these plugins, you may have to enable the beta section in your profile on this site to see them. Once you have got the newer versions there should be some example files which show how to use 3d objects as particles.