OSC patch and floats

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hi all, i've been struggling all night trying to work out why i don't get a structure (floats?) out of the qc's OSC receiver patch.

Put in context i'm trying to get OSC from what must be a structure from Ableton Live using the LiveAPI hack (http://post.monome.org/?PostBackAction=Download&AttachmentID=1859).

Float values are working fine (see attached images i.e. /live/scene) but for example /live/name/trackblock (show in purple) do not display out of the OSC receiver patch?

Can any one shine some light on this matter?

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Re: OSC patch and floats

doh seems to have been already mentioned (http://lists.apple.com/archives/quartzcomposer-dev/2007/Oct/msg00093.html) any one with a solution?

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Re: OSC patch and floats

so try using a structure index by key like "track" or "size" at first i thought it was sending integers and not floats but that doesn't matter in QC. floats defiantly works with a single structure but once you double up structures it doesn't work at all. meaning is live api is sending a 2d array of your track and size info. i really have not seen any OSC implimentations that send a double bundle ??? im not exactly sure why you want those particular values they are not sending the name but a int in representation of a name. im sure it could be useful. without having live or live api and or a monome or lemure im afraid i can't really help i guess. i read the qc related list discussion and all that rant is just completely wrong. its possible to send ints as floats and using a namespace like /hello/world/ works as well so not sure what the discussion is about really. cause they where sharing max patches on the qc list. i can't even make a text reply without a moderators permission on that list let alone upload a max patch. although there problem is a easy one. im just not sure how the live api is integrated the guy in the video mentioned you have to change the python script in order to get it to work. but if you are using code from monome then there should be a max patch that comes with it and you will be able to figure out how the data is being sent. but floats defiantly work. maybe try some virtual OSC routing with OSCulator

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Re: OSC patch and floats

Thanks for the reply dust, Rob hexler seems to have the right idea (http://hexler.net/quartz-composer-vs-osc-part-2) and his osc plug if it ever allowed different formats will be perfect. In the same way as he, i need to send/receive 'multi-parameter messages' to and from the LiveAPI and also in different data types (structures with different data types anyway) i.e. (int track, int size)

I'm tring to stay away from max patches (as i havn't used max in years) and i'm trying to keep a small install bundle.

If you are interested you can download a copy of live 8 demo and then all you need to do is place the LiveOSC inside ableton>MIDI Remote Scripts, and select Live OSC in abletons preferences > midi control surfaces.

The youtube video i mentioned is old and the new LIVEapi from monome work and no python scripting is needed.

I'm not sure how any osc routing would work as i still need to get the multi-parameter information into qc