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Does anyone know if it is possible to bring in streaming video from over the network? On a single machine I have tried using QuickTime Broadcaster to broadcast a live stream and then bring the resulting stream into QuartzComposer, but every time the connection between the video input and the consumer patch is made QC freezes. Is it possible? I do not think it is a connection issue because: 1 it is on the same machine, 2 the same mov file buffers and plays correctly in QuickTime.

Is there a completely different way I should be doing this? Is it because it is on the same machine? I know of the axis camera patch, but I have no funding to buy hardware at this point in the project.

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sucktacular sucktacular

QuickTime sucks, and streaming video in QC has never worked -- no idea why, no known workarounds. Sorry to burst the bubble :(

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Thanks, at least now that has been stated. Half of my time was spent searching for whether it was possible. Now if someone else is looking they can find an answer quickly.

So basically my only option would be Axis cameras using the Kineme patch?

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for small values of "only"

that's the only code-free option that comes to mind -- however, if you want to get your hands dirty with some code, you could write a qt stream plugin, or a thin app that handles streaming, and feeds it to the composition.

Perhaps vade's fast QT plugin also handles streaming?