Thank you everyone

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Well on Tuesday 1st at 10 am the Re-Rite:Be the Orchestra open to the public, this is the installation plays 30 camera feeds of the orchestra in sync across 3 floors of a deserted warehouse on the south bank of the river Thames. I have been working on this for 3 months and generally it has performed flawlessly over the last 3 days.

The installation uses 9 Mac Pros running matrox triplehead2gos to drive 30 screens of 1024x768 content to a mixture of projectors and plasmas. This includes one Mac Pro driving 6 screens. There is touch screen control (running flash on PC using flosc to pass OSC to the mac) to allow the audience to control the volume of the separate sections of the orchestra, there are touch screens to allow the user to select different camera angles of the orchestra. There is even a room that uses a firewire camera and some clever masking to allow the general public to appear playing with the horn section.

Anyway this was not a post to brag although I am very proud of it, but it is to say thank you to everyone on the forum for there help and patience (I know I have asked a lot of repeatedly stupid questions) and it certainly it is true to say that this installation would not have been possible without your help.

I would also like to say a specific thank you to the kineme boys as this installation uses a number of their patches and it has been amazing the extra functionality and more importantly focus they have brought to Quartz Composer and I hope this continues even with the changes snow leopard has brought.

The last person I would like to thank is vade for his customization of the vade v002 movie player that allows me to mix twelve audio tracks inside of a quicktime, it is very cool and works very well. (under 10.6 on a G5, still haven't got it working under 10.6 on my MacBook Pro.

Anyway if anyone is in London before the 16th come down to the Bargehouse at Oxo Wharf and have a look at the installation.

Thanks again everyone

Steve Holmes

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Re: Thank you everyone

Sound interesting. Will you make a video from the installation?

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Re: Thank you everyone

Wow, that sounds awesome!

I'm not in London, and won't be, so do put a link up if you do any documentation or reports of the project.

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Re: Thank you everyone

Please copy/paste this post to the QC-dev mailing list -- It might get more face time there (and every cool QC-using thing out there excites/inspires lurkers on the list ;)

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Re: Thank you everyone

Sounds great! I'm in London: I'll come and have a look.

Nice one,


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Re: Thank you everyone

You've got to post us a picture :-) [please]