Traffic Cam feed using Flash

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So i found this site.... Its a local traffic cam site. The videos are displayed using Flash player. I checked the source code and it was using javascript. Can i use this in a qtz comp?

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Re: Traffic Cam feed using Flash

short answer: no

medium answer: it's flash-based, and flash doesn't work in QC.

intricate, long, detailed answer: The image/video is presented from a flash applet. This currently isn't possible in QC. The data that the applet reads is an RTMP stream (sample url: rtmp:// -- RTMP is a proprietary transport protocol created by Adobe (who also owns flash -> why it's supported well there). Support for it outside of adobe stuff is hit or miss (xbmc has preliminary support for it, according to wikipedia, but I don't know how stable it is.)

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Re: Traffic Cam feed using Flash

Thanks again cwright! You really nailed it. I had looked up the page source code and saw that ip address but didn't realize that it was RTMP.

So then random question, does anyone know of any real time live streaming traffic feeds? Maybe a RSS type feed? Do they even have video for RSS?