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I've been toying with the particle patches using force & collider etc, and been happy with the results - Whoever, I've a simple question:

How do I/Can I use an image to render onto particles created as I can with the default particle patch

many thanks

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Re: particle image

You need to use a textured particle renderer and input the image to that patches' image input.

See attached reworking of the particle tools example composition.

To replace my image with a render in image dynamic image assembly output, just add an input splitter to the texture render for the image Input, publish that input to root and input the render in image output into that root level image input you'll have created on the existing lighting assembly.

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Re: particle image

For image, the texture, the vbo, and using the "particle render:structure" between a scene and a GL Point Structure (w/ GL Tools), can all do it, as far as Particle Tool stuff goes.

Just look at the "tarball" or zip (can't remember) of the source for the Particle Tools .03 and look at the sample compositions. That will go a long way.

Not all of these will perform as expected inside of a render in image, depending on various criteria.

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Re: particle image

Many thanks to you're replies - Thanks for the help, A simple solution - I realised I was intergrating some GLSL script further up the pipe line which was causing problems.