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Hi, I subscribed Kineme mail notification, and while it is very handy, it also produces a quite large amount of emails (however, when messages are typed in a short lapse of time, the mail comes as a digest form, which is nicer).

I was thinkin' then, if you ever happen to find the time - and i know how such a task might be difficult- that sending the news via a RSS feed (that you can subscribe in your would be even handier. Maybe your web distribution already has the feature (as it seemed to have the "recent comment" feature).

Did you subscribe to your own site, or do you have a custom tool for notifications ? (I'm too curious)

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I'm subscribed

I'm subscribed the same as anyone else (the only exception might be smokris, since he has more control over the server than I do, but I think even he just uses the subscription too, along with some apache log watching :)

RSS would be handy though. I believe we've already got an RSS feed as well, available here:

Not sure if it'll preserve your log-in for Beta notifications though..

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new beta rss feeds

I've been using the email notifications, too.

As Chris mentioned, already exists, and it doesn't show beta pages.

I just set up two new feeds:

So, by subscribing to these two new feeds, you should get all of the content.

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thanks a lot. This will help getting the data in a compact form.

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Wiki RSS Feed

I set up a new RSS feed for the Wiki:

The feed includes new Wiki topics and diffs for revised Wiki topics.