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I've made a simple A/B transition for still images using the Bar Swipe Transition patch.

Can anybody tell me why the B image is not rendering on the Billboard even though it is there in the image node mouse-over previews on the transition and the billboard patch?

I worked around it with masks etc but I think there's a performance hit.

The attached patch has both version and a space bar toggle. also a c key toggle for the Crop Area to Visible setting as at one point I'm sure toggling it one way or the other made the billboard render correctly but was never able to replicate.

The two relevant patches (Bar Swipe and Billboard) have a green note behind them.

basic wipe bars.qtz255.09 KB

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Re: Bar swipe transition at billboard Mystery.


Tried opening your file but i don't have the NIGaussianBlur or NIMaskFromColor patch. Where are these from? Google didn't return anything for me


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Re: Bar swipe transition at billboard Mystery.

'NI' in the name suggests Noise Industries to me. Maybe there were some NI Final Cut Pro filters that used custom Image Units installed on the machine where the QTZ was built, and the mystery patches therefore showed up in the QC patch browser.

Funnily-enough, I've just been fiddling with BarsSwipe. Made a little CIFilter glitch effect with it, which I'll post somewhere else.

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Re: Bar swipe transition at billboard Mystery.

Apologies for that, like Toneburst says it Noise Industries. If you download FXFactory demo the patches end up in your library. Gaussian can be replaced with the slow apple patch or the Vade faster patches as for NIMaskFromColor there are apple masking patches but would have to look into that.

That said the problem of BarSwipe not being rendered in Billboard can be set up with 5 patches. Two image importers, bar swipe, lfo for sweep on the wipe and the Billboard are the only patches you need to confirm this bug.'s picture
Re: Bar swipe transition at billboard Mystery.

Toneburst are you able to confirm this bug? If so I'll post on quartz-dev list.

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Re: Bar swipe transition at billboard Mystery.

i get the same thing with just stock patches, every figure anything out with this?